Start a blog…vanish. All part of my secret evil plan. Or….something.

12 Dec

So after two posts, I disappeared.  I didn’t mean to, but I’m sure most people out there are familiar with life.  I am job hunting, and my amazing boyfriend currently lives two hours away (gosh does that suck), and I am mommy to a 5 year old.  Also factor in that I have ADHD and I’m not the worlds most organized person aaaaand…well here we are.  I have great intentions and I’ve cooked things that I have pictures of all saved up.  I just haven’t really gotten to my computer yet (said computer is also sounding like a jet taking off and has blue-screen-of-death’d me a couple times now.  I’m scared of it!). That said, no interview this morning, I just had my bad girl breakfast of egg whites, veggies sausage, two pieces of high protein low calorie whole grain toast (two is what makes this bad), and my first attempt at a cleaner hot chocolate.  On with the show 🙂


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